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tradition evolves

The aperitivo at Follis is that moment, or perhaps that state of mind, in which both our cuisine and our American Bar find their maximum expression in a free territory, where each customer can choose, depending on their stay and their desires the complexity or simplicity of their experience.

Every Follis asset will be at your disposal, from the pantry with its preserves and preparations of excellence, to the kitchen with warm plates, finger food and our great selection of raw fish and seafood. Our signature mixology that does not forget the great classics, spirits as well as beers. Our entire cellar will be available, always guided and accompanied by our sommeliers as well as our crazy wine glass. Why crazy? …have you ever drunk a rare, fine champagne by the glass? Exactly. Here at Follis, you can!

Opening Hours

Follis Living is open every day, from 12 PM to 01 AM

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