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Tel: +39 06 3991 5713  |  Email: info@follisristorante.it



Here at Follis, seduction passes through a glass. Our mixologists create alchemies of flavors that make passion explode on the palate.

The exotic winks, the play of spices, the Mediterranean scents, the alcoholic hints of the classics, accompany you on a sensual journey that immediately conquers the lips of enthusiasts. A spark, a chemical reaction, unleashes the most instinctive love, travels through senses and emotions, flowing up to the highest pleasure.


The art of mixology is comparable to the art of seduction. Creating a drink is like planning the very first date:

Pay the utmost attention, take care of every little detail, thus the ‘chemistry’ sparks on the palate and in the hearts.

Opening Hours

Follis Mixology is open every day, from 12 PM to 01 AM

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